Our mission: To assist and empower our program participants to become more independent and to maximize the potential of themselves and their families. We do this by providing a quality person centered approach to behavioral health services.

ACS purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid in support of eradicating chronic miseducation, and generational poverty on a local and global level by inspiring and motivating children, teenagers, and adults to become leaders in their community. We provide education, behavior management, staff development, diversity training, counseling, therapy, and mentoring. ACS is actively engaged in providing health, business, and parenting classes in schools, libraries, and other public venues. Our programs are rooted in raising social consciousness of families and community members effected by lack of economic resources.


Our philosophy is to preserve the family unit by motivating and empowering them with the appropriate tools, social skills, and coping strategies. Ascending Counseling Solutions counseling programs are designed to improve circumstances surrounding daily life, family interaction, and to connect families to available resources in their community. We provide support to children to ensure that their mental health needs, be it at home or at school, are being met effectively. ACS program consist of support with making effective transitions (from group homes/ detention centers/ hospitalization etc.), behavior issues at home, school, or in the community, and the psychological effects of dealing with death of family members and other traumatic events and experiences