Suicide Prevention Program

ACS LIVE is a suicide prevention program engineered to help reduce suicide-risk behaviors amongst urban youth. ACS LIVE provides a culturally evidence based prevention program which utilizes an effective copings skill curriculum to reduce/eradicate suicide among urban youth.  This suicide prevention program is intended for children and adolescents that have presented an initial risk of suicide. ACS LIVE is also suicide prevention program that can benefit non-risk youth. The program incorporates principles of social/ community supports, positive motivation/development, self-esteem building, evidence-based methods to develop resiliency and strength in our children by increasing self-sufficient, empowering behaviors and habits among urban youth

Curriculum Activities

 Within ACS LIVE, clients engage in an array of services to help reduce suicidal behaviors, these services include therapeutic individual counseling, crisis intervention, trauma-based informed care, group counseling, self-concept improvement activities, self-awareness activities, and suicide prevention workshops focused on educating urban youth.  Evidence based treatments and workshops include culturally / holistic sensitive activities such as sage bundle workshops, talking circles, support groups, alliance with community partners, and meditation.  As a part of the program clients and their parents/guardians are required to engage in our parent support program (Parenting classes focused on strengthening the bond amongst family members). These classes educate parents on the impact of outside and inside influences on a child’s environment as well as the cultural influence. These activities provide a healing cultural aspect to assist with reducing risk factors and teaching urban youth the importance of traditional practices and healing as it relates to suicidal behaviors.

Each client that is enrolled in the ACS LIVE program is mandated to engage in all services, as well as parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are required to meet with a case manager twice a month and engage in individual therapeutic sessions two times a month. Clients must engage in bi-weekly therapeutic sessions as well as suicide assessment tests on a weekly basis. The mission of this program is to diminish suicidal behaviors and risk factors among urban youth.

At completion of this program client will have significantly lower rates of suicide attempts. Client will have gained meaningful knowledge and education about depressive and suicidal feelings. Client will have engaged in self-help seeking behaviors i.e. seeking treatment, developing suicide safety plan as well as recognizing early-onset symptoms of suicide. Client will have learned to utilize self-reporting skills such as crisis hotlines and emergency services. Client’s will demonstrate the ability to place a greater emphasis on personal growth and positive youth development as well as establishing cultural values, beliefs, and self-identity.